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Please understand that I am not urging you to commit fraud or break any laws.  This is only a discussion which I hope will engender great caution. My personal beliefs regarding your right and the validity of laws restricting those rights are the beliefs of a small minority and no state or federal court would give such  beliefs any consideration.

Creating an alias ID is very risky.  You should carefully consider who might be looking for you and how far they will go to find you.  Don't under construct any alternate identity for your situation. There are three type of identities that I will discuss. Borrowing an identity; using an alias; and creating a new Identity either by procuring bona fide identification through fake paperwork or manufacturing what looks to be bona fide ID cards and documents.

There are several choices for creating another identity.  The simplest is just to use another name, print a few business cards, and perhaps an ID card. You could use a name similar to your own in case you run into someone you know while you are with someone that thinks you are your alias. 

Such an alias can be helpful for dating when you are not seeking a long term relationship.  You can be from out of time and your business requires frequent but unscheduled one or two day trips to the location.   Women can be difficult with all their rules if you live in town, but they are very understanding if your job doesn't give you much notice so that you cannot predict when you are going to be in town.  You can call them and let them know you are in town for a day and they will break a date to go out with you.

One method to obtain a limited alias may seem a little less than ethical. However, when your rulers refuse to honor their oath of office and totally disregard the Constitution they have sworn to uphold, and pass onerous laws that are without merit and harmful to welfare of the people, you are justified to do what you must if your actions do not harm or result in only very minor (a dollar or two) harm to others. 

Using the templates, I have provided or other templates to make an ID card may be adequate for most purposes. However, they will not withstand the type of close examination the police might give them if you are stopped for a traffic violation.  This is becoming especially true with most recently issued state ID which have many difficult to reproduce security features in addition to  holograms and items only visible under an ultraviolet black light.

All young men should have an alias, including, if possible, a state issued ID or driver license.  Unless, your alias has a salary or income that is reported to the IRS, a state issued driver license may be adequate and is a starting point.  However, every state requires a SSN or a letter from the SSN to obtain a driver license.  The SSN will not be on the driver license.  However, it is required before they will issue a driver license.

The name, SSN, and date of birth should match a real person because it only takes a few seconds to verify with the Social Security Administration. It has become very difficult to acquire a person's SSN.  You can find a few if you Google "SSN: xxx-" DOB -death -died  and include the quotes where xxx is the first three digits of a SSN.  Most of the SSNs you find with Google will be persons deceased or over 40 and others are fakes so you still need to verify.

In any event, the easiest way to obtain an alias with a SSN and obtain a state issued driver license is to assume the identity of another person.  Since a driver license should only be a license to drive and since the law states that an SSN is only for social security purposes, you have a right to obtain the driver license and use the SSN provided you do not use the driver license to drive, use the SSN for social security purposes, or to commit fraud or otherwise harm someone. 

CAUTION:   The rulers don’t care about your rights. Therefore, if you exercise these rights, they can harm you.  The ruling Mafia and their government media are very big on identity theft. The rulers are not concerned about the extremely rare crimes committed with identify theft.  In fact they love it because they are heavily publicized.  The media even invents big lies; I guess under the theory that people believe a big enough lie when reported by the media.

The whopper they tell that I like is if someone steals your identity, they can buy a house and you will have to pay for the mortgage; as if banks and mortgage companies give away money without verifying ten different ways.  And certainty if you are not a party to a contract and did not receive the money, no court would make you liable.  The financial institutions know this so they will not part with their money just because someone has an ID card. If they do, it is there loss; not yours.

The identity theft fiasco is about control and little if any about preventing crime. If people have aliases, the government cannot track them and they lose power and control.

I called the local state (Arkansas) office that issues drivers licenses and asked how to replace a loss license. She told me all that is required is my name, date of birth and payment of $10. No identification is required. Other jurisdictions may have different requirement but, certainly not more than Name, SSN, date of birth, and a birth certificate.  Caution:  Before issuing the replacement driver license, the clerk may pull up the image of the driver license.  If so, you need to look like the person.

Recently I ordered a copy of my birth certificate from Arkansas.  All that was required was submitting a form and paying the fee.  A postal money order would be fine.  I ordered my son’s birth certificate from Oklahoma.  They required a form and a copy of my driver license.  A copy of a driver license doesn’t have holograms so use one of my templates and a photo taken off the internet. Normally it is safe to order birth certificates, but for extreme safety, have a mail drop and ask a child or transit to sign the form and pay them $10 dollars. 

Concurrent with an alias, it will be helpful to have a mail drop that cannot be traced to you.  For the short term find a house with a curb mailbox that has been foreclosed, in need of repair because the owners stripped it before foreclosure, and therefore not yet with a realtor.  The mortgage company will not be watching it closely.  Place your name inside the mailbox and mail several letters to the address.  If your letters arrive, you have a mail drop.

You may then rent a post office or other mail box doing business as Alpha Enterprises or whatever. For identification to rent the P.O. Box, use a template for an out of state ID and create another form of identification.  Now two forms of identification are required to rent a P.O. Box.  Also, you may need an address where you receive mail so the postman can verify the name to the address provided that verification of address is still a requirement. 

Perhaps the best mail drop is installingl a mail box with a fictitious name and box number on a rural route way down some dirt road.  Use Map Quest and/or Google map to find a good location. 

Buy a mailbox, affix decals for the number and nail it to a 4x4 post when you are certain the mail carrier will not drive by.  Make certain you comply with postal regulations as to set back from the road, height, numbering system, and decals size and location on the mailbox.  Most rural route mail carriers are contracted help and likely they will place mail in the mailbox without asking why it just appeared on their route.  If you wish, after you acquire a state issued driver license or create an identification card, you can go to the post office and tell the clerk you bought some land that you will build a house on and you need an assigned RR address.   Place the mail box at the property line so the property owners will be unlikely to question it.  The following are some RR postal regulations:

A rural route is the daily route of travel by one mail carrier and can consist of hundreds of individual deliveries in sequential, increasing box number order

Rural routes are planned for the most deliveries in the shortest driving distance

A post office can have multiple rural routes

The post office assigns rural route addresses

Rural route addresses are designed to facilitate mail delivery, not structure location

Mailboxes are addressed, not structures

Multiple structures can share one mailbox

One structure can have more than one mailbox

Vacant land can have a mailbox

Not all roads are driven—mailboxes can be grouped together at corners, intersections

Mailboxes are not always in front of the home

More than one route/post office can deliver on the same section of a single road.

Carriers often do not know where their clients live.

Corporation often place employment ads for jobs that do not exist.  I can only speculate as to the reasons.  Unlike the sleazy corporations, I have qualms about doing that, but where it is necessary to obtain a SSN and other information so you can be issued a driver license, I can recommend it.  Place an employment ad in the local paper or a Florida newspaper for the type of job you choose stating, Mail resume and photo ID to P.O. Box xxx.  From just one ad, you will receive 20 or 30 replies (in the current economy perhaps many more).  The major papers may require too much identification and, if so, advertize with with a small local paper.

Typically the photo ID will be a copy of their driver license and in many cases the resume will contain their SSN and place of birth. If not, you can call and ask.  Don't use on *67.  That doesn't prevent the calling number from being in the system.  Instead use a pay phone or purchase an over-the-counter cell phone and pay with cash. Then throw the cell phone away after obtaining the information you needed which may include the mother's maiden name.

If your state requires additional identification such as a birth certificate, the first three digits of the SSN will probably indicate the birth state.  Select someone of similar age and appearance and obtain a replacement for a lost driver license. Perhaps better would be to use the information to obtain an out of state driver license. Other than a postage stamp and the resume, you have not harmed anyone.  I personally would return the resumes with a note that due to the economy or new federal mandates the position has been canceled.

Don’t use the driver license to drive or, at least not for long, if it is a replacement for a loss driver license,  the lost one will be canceled so, if the person is stopped for a traffic violation, the replacement may be canceled. 
Likely, it will not be discovered until the person renews his license.  Even if he is stopped for a traffic violation the cancellation will not be discovered if the officer only looks at it.  Also, if you use it to obtain a bank account, make certain the account does not pay interest.  You don’t want the IRS notifying the person that he didn’t report all his income. I would recommend using that driver license to obtain a driver license from another state as another layer of security.

As an alternate, especially if you are young and you have an SSN that matches the name and date of birith, you can use a birth certificate template and high school transcript template to obtain a driver license.  Typically at the office for obtaining a driver license, it is take a number and wait your turn.  The clerks see hundreds of people each day so they are not going to examine the documents carefully or place phone call to verify.  Typically they just see you for a couple of minutes and they are done.  You can select a birth certificate template in a different time zone so that the office would not be open if they did call.

Should the clerk leave to check on something, you should reply, “While you are doing that, I will get my checkbook that I left in my friend’s car. A friend and not you since you don’t have a driver license and shouldn’t be driving.  Then leave and apply at another location.  To prevent your car and/or car license being observed, park some distance away in a direction that cannot be observed from inside the building.  For extreme precautions, have a backup plan to return to your car several hours later. Don't stay on the streets. Walk into a public building.

For tens of thousands of years if someone needed to put their youthful discretions or whatever behind them they could leave and start a new life elsewhere.  They could join a distant tribe or move to another state or country.  In general that has been a very good thing.  However, the Rockefellers and the rest of the Mafia gang that wishes to rule the world and make slaves of us all are making that increasing difficult.  Soon, if the trend continues, there will be nowhere to go to start over.

However, until their goal of chipping us all come to pass, we still have a few options even if very limited.  The most desirable alias would be to have a state issued driver license, valid SSN, and perhaps a state issued birth certificate along with a high school or college transcript.  The high school transcript can be a home school transcript.  Most colleges will accept as valid home school transcripts. And, college ID, especially in college towns, are accepted as an ID.

You can make a college transcript but it can be easily verified.  However, college is not that important except for certain professions such as mine that requires a license from the state.  And, in my case, a license as a professional engineer, while slightly helpful was not a requirement for my job. From an income standpoint, my education was a poor investment. I lost five years of income plus tuition in getting my degree and I don't believe my salary was that much higher than it would have been if I had chosen a trade.

The comparison of incomes for high school vs. college graduates is not valid because you are not comparing people of equal intelligence and motivation.  If instead, I had decided to become a plumber or electrician, in five years I would have been a journeyman earning more than my starting salary as an engineer. I believe I would have been more intelligent and more dependable than the average blue collar worker and by year five I would have been given a crew. In a few more years, I could have had my contractor’s license and started my own firm.

Typically smart contractors in the trades earn considerable more than most engineers; in part because there is a big surplus of engineers.  There should be several technicians for each engineer but, in fact, there are more engineers than technicians. To satisfy our ego, we are given the title of engineer but mostly we do the work that technicians do.

However, returning to the subject, the most difficult part is obtaining a valid birth certificate and/or SSN for your alias.  I have a couple of ideas that should work. I will post my ideas on how to obtain a SSN in the page ID Documents, subtitle SSN & Tax ID Nr.  I will provide additional information, after I work out the details to my satisfactions. Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest.

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